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Sleep is one of the most important thing a person needs and a proper night's sleep has a very major and drastic impact on our day our productivity our energy levels our mood our overall performance so sleep is a very crucial activity of our life and on average a person should at least sleep 7-8 hours on daily bases  sleeping time less than as well as more than 7-8 hours per day is perilous for health if the same habit is kept on for a very long time researches have shown that people that have poor sleep cycles or are having little or extra sleep in them various conditions occurs such as decreased brain function fluctuation in the level of hormones increased risk of weight gain as well as increased risk of cardiovascular disorders if you observe sleeping habits of people so you would clearly observe that with time sleeping habits of people especially teenagers have gotten so much worse and also waiting on the bed to get asleep and not sleepy at all is also very terrible situation to stuck in and it can cause anger and frustration in people and as well as ruin the very next day sleeping is also very important as all of the major repairs of our body takes places during the time of deep phase of sleep cycle especially in young growing children a proper night sleep is very necessary for proper body and mind developement such that in them poor sleep can have terrible effects such as poor mind of body development anger irritation depletion of attention lower capacity to learn things poor eating patterns chronic sleep deprivation is also associated with various conditions such as anxiety depression and various other conditions like that so there are many ways to fall asleep fast and proper sleep through out night so that once would wake up in the meaning full of energy passion so lets discuss some of these ways 

1:Have Proper Sleeping Routine 

                                                                        if you want a proper night's sleep so that you may wake up in the morning full of energy so the most important and the critical element on which you have to focus on getting get your sleep routine in check and your sleep routine should stay constant and by constant I mean not very strict kind of constant but there should be similar timing of going to bed and waking up and the reason for that is that various functions of our body such as sleeping work by or gets regulated by our internal clock and disordered sleeping pattern in very harmful for this internal clock and it is this internal clock that makes you feel sleeping when it usually is time for you to go to bed and similarly makes you awake in the morning such that some people would have observed that when they get used to wake up in the morning at the same time for a very long time than they would by themsleses wake up at that time with any kind of alarm this is the wonder our internal clock and having a irregular dleep pattern destrys this clock it is very easy to reset this internal clock just by making a routine of sleeping and waking up and after making the routine sticking to it as in this csases consistency is the main key factor   

2:Avoid Naps During the day 

                              I know I know naps during the day can be a blessing sleeping on the couch after coming back from work or school seems very nice but as a whole, they could have serious negative effects on your night's sleep there is a trick and it is that naps that are of almost 20 mints can be very effective and makes you fresh and active but the naps that are long longer than 2 hours they are very bad as they can disrupt the internal clock that is also known as the circadan rhythms such that napping in the day can confuse the internal clock and it would disturb the whole sleeping cycle and once the cycle gets disrupted again you will face problems sleeping at night and also long sleeps during the day can get all the fatigue off your body and you need some level of physical fatigue to get asleep such that you would have observed that the during which you do excersie like going to the gym doing some kind of excerises at home going for a walk those days you fall asleep fast as well as you get quality sleep by not waking up more during the night

3:Your Room Setting 

                                           to have a very comfortable sleep such that you would sleep fast the conditions of your room or the sleeping environment should be on point otherwise either you would face problems falling asleep you would wake up during the night or would get a very poor sleep that would affect your very next day so some of the main key factors on which you to focus greatly are the main thing is the matress on which you are sleeping on such that your bed and matress should be like that they would help you sleeping and not distrub you during the night secondlt there should be darkness in the room lights in the room while you are sleeping makes it impossible for you to sleep epically blue light other facto is the temperature of the room such that the tempertaee should be a bit on the cold side such that cold temperature would help you to get asleep faster and makes your sleeping more comfortable as you would not get sweaty during sleep and another important thing is noise there should not be to much noise while you are trying to sleep it would hinder your sleep and can also annoy you makes you angry and this would also makes it impossible for your to sleep so these are some of the factors that you should consider while sleeping make sure by controlling and makes them up to your desire can hapl you to better fast betterly and you would wake up in the morning fresh being ready to take on the day 

4:Get Out Of Bed 

                                              one of the worst and terrible conditions is that you are trying to sleep after a very long day but you are not able to sleep and you have to sleep  as you have to wake up early in the morning this condition is very terrible and I am sure most of us would have faced it at some point in our lives laying on our beds waiting to get asleep wishing that we would have some kind of button that we would press and get asleep and during this time while laying on the bed and not getting asleep you would get frustrated and angry and this would further worsen the condition so the bed thing is that firstly calm your mind and go to sleep without having any thoughts if due to any condition you are not able to get sleep don't be in bed all night to get sleep this would make the condition worse so the best thing to do in this condition is that if you are not able to get asleep after 20 - 30 mints of laying down in bed than get up don't force your body to sleep after waking up have a glass of water sit down listen to some calming songs read a book and after 10 - 20 mints try again to sleep sometimes we are excited for the next day and this exccietmnt makes if difficult for us to sleep such that giving a break would remove your mind from sleeping such that after couple of mints when your mind would be free of througts try again to sleep you could also try deep breathing tencniques or do some mediation 

5:Dont Eat Late At Night 

                                                     try to avoid eating anything after dinner as it could also have an impact on your sleep the impact is very minor but the effects are still there and can not be neglected as eating late at night or snacking late at night can have an impact on the melatonin level of some people and melatonin is the main hormone that regularizes our internal clock such that when levels of melatonin get raised our body thinks that it is time to sleep similarly when these levels are low it is an indication for our body that it is time to wake up and eating late at night disrupt the level of melatonin and also eating late at night would make you feeling bloated feeling full and this can cause disruption in sleeping as well as the quality of sleep also eating late at night and laying down can cause acid reflux so try to have your dinner early in the night and try to avoid snacking after dinner 

6:Have A Calm Mind 

                                              in order to have a relaxing and peaceful spleeing the state of mind places a very very important role such that weather your mind is relaxed or having a bombardment of thoughts in order to have a quite a good sleep you have to had a calm and relaxed mind relaxation teacniquesz before going to bed have shown to make a huge impact on sleeping as well as on the quality of the sleep also such that your can listen to music before going to bed read a good book talk to a loved one mediate do some deep beaths or yoga these are all ways to calm your mind so that you have a peaceful slumber 

7:Excrsise or active lifestyle 

                                                        exercise or having a active life is one of the best gift that your can bless yourself excersie overall have a great and amazing impact on your life but if we look the benefits of active life on sleeping and quality of sleep then they are of significant importance as is he's a person to fell asleep very asleep and helps with the symptoms of insomia as well almost every one of your in our life would have experienced that the day you have some kind of workout that day you sleep instantly with out any kind of trouble sleeping as well as you a quality sleep and when you wake up in the morning you feel very fresh ready to take on the world with your full potential some people take pills for sleeping but in fact exercise is much better option for people to fall aspect irrespective of some cases but there is also a trick in this and it is that the excerive should not be performed late at night as it would stimulate production of some hormones in body and after that it would be difficult to sleep and the body would get the feel that it is time to workout and the body would get pumped with energy and this stage would be a little bit odd if your are planning to a sound sleep so the conclusion of this is that exercise is the best thing for your health sleep but it should be done early in the day not near to sleeping 

8:Reduce Liquid Intake Before bed 

                                                                      in order to wake up fresh in the morning full of energy the thing is that you have to get a sound sleep through out the night without waking up in the center and most of the people wake up in the night to urinate some do it once a night while some have to wake up a lot of time to urinate this disturbs the sleep quality and some people cant sleep after waking up again so it is a major problem that hinders the quality of sleep so in order to take this issue the thing is to reduce and sort of liquid intake just before going to bed such that it is not a hard and fast rule that you cant drink anything at night the thing you just have to limit the amount and adjust the amount so that if would not impact the quality of sleep such that some people have the habit to drink a full glass of water just before going to bed and this full glass of water just at bedside would make you wake at night so in order to tackle this issue you have to adjust the amount and timing to any liquid intake like instead of drinking a full glass of water at bedside just have 2 - 3 sips that would give you the satisfaction without causes any major impact on the quality of your sleep 

9:Controlling The lights 

                                               lights have a major impact on the quality of our sleep such that the main hormone that is responsible for our sleep is the melatonin such that it controls the internal clock of our body that is involved in our sleeping such that in the presence of lights melatonin levels decreases such that for body it is a signal to wake up therefore when you wake up you take off the shades of the window to let the sunlight to come into the room such that when you body get exposed to sunlight the melantonin levels in the body gets decreased and the body goes to a alert stage similarly as the day progresses and the sunlight dimishes and night comes the level of melatonin level starts to raise up that signals the body that sleeping time is comming up and the body starts to feel sleep but but now we have artificial light from our laptops phones tv that disrupt this hormone especially blue light comming from screens of devices is the main culprit there fore people who tends to use phone or laptop just before sleeping or watch tv have a very difficult time to sleep because that blie light comming from the screens disrupt the hormone and body things it is still the day and body remains alert there one should cut of all the devices an hour before sleeping in order to regulaize the body internal sleeping pattern and have a quality night sleep 

10:limit Caffeine After Evening 

                                                                     we all need stimulation in the morning to get us up and running and the source of stimulation for people is either coffee or tea mainly caffeine in those drink stimulates us by stimulating our receptors and making us active in the morning and we all need this activating in the morning but not in the evening or in the night therefore caffeine should be cuttoff after eveing in order to fall asleep and remain asleep to get up fresh in the morning such that if you consume coffee or tea the caffeine in those drinks would remain in your system for a long time and this is the time you don't need it is your system so the general rule for this is that if you want to consume caffeine in any form do it before eveing otherwise it would have a major effect of the process of sleeping as well on the quality of the sleep and this would impact the very next day 


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