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10 proven ways to sleep quickly and better at night -

S leep is one of the most important thing a person needs and a proper night's sleep has a very major and drastic impact on our day our productivity our energy levels our mood our overall performance so sleep is a very crucial activity of our life and on average a person should at least sleep 7-8 hours on daily bases  sleeping time less than as well as more than 7-8 hours per day is perilous for health if the same habit is kept on for a very long time researches have shown that people that have poor sleep cycles or are having little or extra sleep in them various conditions occurs such as decreased brain function fluctuation in the level of hormones increased risk of weight gain as well as increased risk of cardiovascular disorders if you observe sleeping habits of people so you would clearly observe that with time sleeping habits of people especially teenagers have gotten so much worse and also waiting on the bed to get asleep and not sleepy at all is also very terrible situation t