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Dandruff is one of the worst enemy of a person as it is a major confidence killer and it also kind of destroys the esthetic appeal of a persons hairs and in cases of some people it is like apparent snow flakes on the head which is a kind of awkward situation in public but as we have discussed in the previous article what actually dandruff is and how people conceive it wrong and how by simple change in life style we can cure dandruff and for good get rid of this curse so for the treatment of dandruff there are two levels of treatment for the dandruff one is the superficial level and the other one is treating the problem from the root we would discuss both of the best methods but if you wanted this curse gone for good you have to focus mainly on solving the problem from the root. 

                                  so before taking into account how these hydrogenated vegetable oils are involved in curse that we know as dandruff we have to take into account and understand what the hell is hydrogenate vegetable oils how these are related to various anomalies in the body and how it is connected to white flake curse aka dandruff so these are basically edible oils that are extracted from the seeds of plants so while hearing extracted from seeds of plants they should be good for you how they can be bad that is not the case despite of being derived from a natural origin the are really bad as these are oils when extracted from plants at industrial level it is hydrogenated such that hydrogen is added into it to get better shelf life texture of the product and as a whole a stable product in body they are also responsible for the creation of trans fatty acids that are not good for you at all these hydrogenated vegetable oils are are also responsible for causing a imbalance in the insulin and sugar control in the body causes inflammation in the body and this is the aspect that is connected to dandruff so some of the example of hydrogenated vegetable oils are canola oil sun flower oil cotton seed oil such that these vegetable oils are rich source of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and we tend to consume these oils everyday in some form weather we are eating at home or eating some thing from outside even snacks that we consume have these oils in them and as compared to these omega 6 and 9 supply the supply of omega 3 3 in our diet is very less and for a healthy and functional body we need omega 3 6 and 9 in equal proportions so consuming more vegetable oils would disrupt this proportion and this general is not good for the body and it also become a cause of dandruff as this leads to inflammation in body and again the cells 

                                                                                   as we already know and well aware of the fact that raised levels of insulin is not good for us in general and raised levels of insulin also causes dandruff along with tremendous disasters in our body and it do it as following as increased insulin levels in the body have direct relation with the hormonal balance and it further causes a hormone like growth effect and it causes an inflammation in the body after that there is dominance of the fungus related to fungus malassezia that leads to seborrhoeic dermatitis and that eventually leads to snow flakes on head so to prevent this insulin spike we can try intermittent fasting as well correction our diet cutting crappy carbs from diet and it is a common misconception that fat makes us fat but the thing it is wrong crappy carbs makes us fat so we can prevent snacking and little tweaks like that in our life style. 

                                                   so we commonly thinks that sunlight is very responsibly for the production of vitamin d that is one aspect sunlight is very important for dandruff and if imp in aspect such that dandruff is caused the agent responsible for dandruff is a fungus and fungus for growth needs damp moist conditions and when you go into sunlight your scalp will head up and it becomes an inhabitable situation for the fungus to grow to sunlight makes the scalp impossible to grow in there. 

                          aloe Vera is a very common house hold item it is present in our gardens as plants people use it for decoration people usually have cosmetic item that have aloe Vera such as creams ointment it have antifungal as well anti bacterial properties as we know that a fungus is behind dandruff and aloe Vera have a antifungal properties so it is very effective in treating dandruff but but but one thing is to be considered that when you treat dandruff with aloe Vera you treat is at a superficial level and it is not a permanent solution if you want to generally get rid of dandruff from root level aloe Vera is not the thing aloe Vera is also used for various skin conditions such as burns cold sores psoriasis aloe Vera also have anti inflammatory property and inflammation is the starting point level of dandruff and hence you can target dandruff at this level as well. 

                                                                   various household oils such as coconut mustard oil tea tree oil and many more are also very responsible for treating dandruff but this also hits the dandruff at a superficial level and not at the root level so these oils works by anti inflammatory anti microbial properties and when you discuss the cause of dandruff than a common factor arises and that is inflammation and fungal character and these oils target dandruff at these levels these oils give hydration to the skin prevents dryness    



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