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5 effective remedies to get rid of dandruff aka white flake curse |

  DANDRUFF D andruff is one of the worst enemy of a person as it is a major confidence killer and it also kind of destroys the esthetic appeal of a persons hairs and in cases of some people it is like apparent snow flakes on the head which is a kind of awkward situation in public but as we have discussed in the previous article what actually dandruff is and how people conceive it wrong and how by simple change in life style we can cure dandruff and for good get rid of this curse so for the treatment of dandruff there are two levels of treatment for the dandruff one is the superficial level and the other one is treating the problem from the root we would discuss both of the best methods but if you wanted this curse gone for good you have to focus mainly on solving the problem from the root.  1: Getting Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils out from life                                    so before taking into account how these hydrogenated vegetable oils are involved in curse that we know a