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Hairs are one of the most esthetic features of our body that we all love whether its a female or a male and especially if we talk about hairs on our head hairs also acts as a confidence booster and can be a attractive trait to the other people in some cases but the problem arises when the esthetic of our beloved hairs is destroyed and one of the main factor for this dandruff or white snowfall on out shoulders beacuse of this confidence killer also known as dandruff people avoid to wear darker colors in public. So today we will get into detail of this hair disaster we will study what are these white flakes how they get in our heads how it is a confidence killer we will also study the medical aspects of the dandruff and the most important of all that we all want and really wish how to get rid of it from our hairs. Dandruff is not a contagious situation but it can be really embarrassing for some people in tis condition white flakes whose size may differ starts to appear on scalp. It is also a very common misconception among people that dandruff happens beacuse of poor hygiene it is not like that all dandruff is actually a fungal infection that nourishes on the sebaceous secretions of the scalp dandruff can also causes itching that is also very irritating and uncomfortable as I have discussed above that this condition of dandruff is caused by a fungus so the fungal culprit of dandruff is a fungus known as malassezia dandruff or white itchy skin can also happen on different areas of the body such as on face on chest behind hears such that this fungus is not limited to head so where ever this fungus finds the body secretions that is feeds on it starts to grow there as well it can also occur in our eye brows some people also suffer from dandruff in their eyebrows this condition of dandruff is also triggered to some extend in winters stress is also a factor that can make the condition of dandruff much worse than it had to be such that there are many triggers of dandruff that can be internal and external as well. So dandruff can also be mild or it can be in the severe form the severe form of dandruff is also know as a term that is seborrhoeic dermatitis. Dandruff can be suppressed but there is no permanent cure cure of the dandruff usually this condition of dandruff starts at the age of puberty and becomes recessive usually at senile age dandruff is more dominant or prominent in male as compared to females it is not like that females don't suffer from dandruff it is such that the number of cases od dandruff in females is less as compared to that of males it maybe due to hormonal differences between the females and the males. The fungus malassezia is present in every person head but in some people it becomes dominant and in some it remains recessive it maybe due to different genetic makeups of different people as well as every person is exposed to slightly different sort of environmental factors. Dandruff is actually a multifactorial condition that means for it to happen there have to be various factors and conditions that have to add up as a result of which dandruff appears. So as discussed above that dandruff is caused by a condition known as seborrhoeic dermatitis every person that have dandruff have this condition but the difference is of intensity basically you can say that mild condition of seborrhoeic dermatitis is dandruff and the fungus malassezia also plays a part in whole picture but the major culprit is seborrhoeic dermatitis so we have mentioned the name seborrhoeic dermatitis now lets view a little bit into it what actually is it it is actually inappropriate inflammation in the scalp and this inflammation is caused as a result of increased production of skin cells in the scalp that leads to the inflammation and what causes this over skin cell production it is actually poor immune response to malassezia fungus and other micro biome preset on our scalp so in short if we have to sum up this whole condition than in form of a flow diagram it can be represented as 

poor immune response

increased production of skin cells on scalp

inappropriate inflammation

dominance of malassezia and other microbiome

seborrhoeic dermatitis mild or sever


dandruff flakes

Cause of dandruff

So we had a general overview of the topic of dandruff now lets get specific and into the details that how dandruff is caused and how as I said before it is a multifactorial condition as there are many parameters involved in this condition. primly hormones and genetics have a great influence in this condition as we have viewed before that the culprit fungus of this that is the malassezia is present in everyone micro biome of the scalp so some people are prone to it and some are are not effected by it at all while on the same page some are affected by it to some extend it all comes down to your specific genetics and your hormonal levels stress levels you are facing or the environmental conditions that you are going though one thing that is to be kept in mind and it is that dandruff is not a condition that is caused by any single factor factor it is a multi factorial condition and there is no topical solution to this problem as it may looks like and external condition that may be related to hygiene or the type of products that you are using some people believe that but that is not the case at all actually this condition in internal and is at all of the level related to the internal environment. Such that when you would have poor immune response that can be due to a number of factors that we would discuss later on in other topics so this poor immune response causes immense and uncontrolled production of cells on the scalp such that there  is a whole micro biome present on our scalp this uncontrolled production of scalp cells will causes inappropriate inflammation in the scalp as a result of which the fungus malassezia and other will feed of these cells and inflammation and will dominate and disrupt the normal micro biome. In case of dandruff we will always see symptoms on the outside in the form of flakes but this condition is not on the topical side of the body it exist in the inside if the body therefore using anti dandruff products on your scalp would give you temporary relief but that would not be permanent beacuse you are not treating the problem from its roots by using topical products for dandruff we are just brushing the dust from the matter and it would be matter of time that dust would come again in other to get rid of dandruff once and for ever we had to treat it from the root. So now lets talk about our evil friend malassezia here that how it causes dandruff flakes at all so the explanation to this is that malassezia breaks down fatty acids on our scalp and causes a toxic buildup of omega 6 and 9 on our scalp so that is one reason for poor immune response and inflammation and we on daily basis are injecting our self with these omega 6 and 9 fatty acids in the form of  hydrogenated vegetable oils that are abundant with these types of fatty acids so in order to get rid of dandruff once and for ever for good we need to get rid of these toxic hydrogenated vegetable oils that are very deeply rooted in our meal making. The other culprit that we had discussed in short above about the over production of cells now lets discuss it in detail so what is the ridding force behind the over production of skin cells it is a problem with hormones not actually with hormones but in fact caused by inappropriate hormone like growth effect and it is produced due to hyperinsulinemia or chronically raised levels of insulin in the blood that causes this inappropriate hormone like growth effect and causes over production of cells and why this is too much insulin in your blood it is beacuse of eating too much carbohydrates or eating too frequently one thing that you should always remember is that insulin is the worst enemy of your health that you could ever face and we would get into a lot of detail in the upcoming topics why this insulin is very bad for you such that this high level of insulin will give signal to all of you body cells an inappropriate message to grow so that you fat cells would going to be storing more fat similarly you would observe and increase in the production of cells in your scalp it all comes to our diet such that when I said poor immune response it was in fact an overactive immune response and it is beacuse of all the inflammatory substances that we eat on daily basis and on the top of the list is the hydrogenated vegetable oils that is on the top of list of inflammatory substances that we consume such that this inflammation would causes poor immune response that is overactive response over production of cells redness inflammation of scalp breading ground malassezia occurring of seborrhoeic dermatitis and eventually dandruff flakes therefore i am saying this again and again that dandruff is not a single factor condition it is a multi factorial condition so lets look at the hormonal cause of the dandruff and this hormonal cause is more common in men than in women so the first hormone that we gonna talk about is insulin as a result of this insulin there would that is caused infect as a result of eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and eating too much is would caused inappropriate growth effects through the body another hormone that would be effected by this would be cortisol one thing to be remembered for cortisol is that this hormone have its chains in every system of the body and cortisol in the body is disrupted a lot of systems and hormones in your body is also going to be disrupted  

Treatment of dandruff

Treatment of dandruff is very fairly easy ;and it all comes to your diet and life style most of us thinks that dandruff is a outside condition beacuse the symptoms of the dandruff that are the dandruff flakes are on the outside that is not the case at all it is on the inside dandruff basically starts from inside and it all starts with your diet therefore any topical solutions would not effect dandruff at all it would only brush of the dust from the problem but not the actual problem in order to treat the actual problem we had to treat it from the root and root of dandruff is connected with our diet the fungus malassezia plays it part in the whole process but it is very very minor the main culprits are the inflammatory products that we are taking with our diet along with thee raised level of insulin in our diet if we can make it under control than we can get rid of dandruff for good and once and for all beacuse we are treating it from the roots not from the surface level 

  • first and foremost you had to cut down hydrogenated vegetable oils like canola oil cotton seed oil and similar oils from your diet completely as they are highly inflammatory products and they are causative agents for not only dandruff they cause also cause harm to your liver by causing fatty liver to pancreas causing fatty pancreas it causes imbalance of omega 3 6 and 9 in your body as they are rich in omega 6 and 9 causing an imbalance and depriving your body of omega 3 than  causing a very very dangerous situation for your body so they need to go at all instead of these dangerous oils you can use animal fats butter but the butter should come from milk of pasture raised cows you could use avocado oil olive oil there are so many healthy options that you could use instead of these hydrogenated vegetable oils 
  • get you insulin in check as it have direct relation with the hormonal imbalance and causing a hormone like growth effect apart from it increased level of insulin in your body is very dangerous it can cause serious health conditions that we would talk later on in other topics to get this insulin under check you should cut get crappy carbohydrates from your diet sugars and other thing is eating too frequently as it will make your insulin levels spiked all the time you could try intermittent fasting  
  • one thing is that you cant treat dandruff by using topical solutions like anti dandruff shampoos stinky solutions and various other products like that this condition is internal diet and life style related and can only be solved internally by making your diet better getting rid of inflammatory substances from your diet spot spiking your insulin all of the time 
  • snacking between meals have to go as it would keep you insulin raised all of the times once again it is a lifestyle change and a change in your diet 
  • you should eat more meat fat sea food in your diet instead of crappy carbohydrates there is a misconception among people that eating fat makes us bulky it is wrong absolutely wrong making fat does not makes you bulky raised level of insulin and eating crappy carbohydrates and sugars makes you bulky eat vegetables eggs avoid crappy carbohydrates as much as you can as fungus and bacteria love sugar as you would eat more sugar you are giving more food to them in direct 
  • increased intake of vitamin d daily whether it is in the form of good vitamin d supplements and the best source of vitamin d sunlight is also very important for us as funguses don't don't like sunlight they usually grow on dark moist and damp places                   


  1. Very Useful Information. Appreciated and wishing you to continue more work on this subject. (Anser Ghauri)


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