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Dandruff - what is dandruff? what causes dandruff and how dandruff can be treated -

  DANDRUFF Introduction Hairs are one of the most esthetic features of our body that we all love whether its a female or a male and especially if we talk about hairs on our head hairs also acts as a confidence booster and can be a attractive trait to the other people in some cases but the problem arises when the esthetic of our beloved hairs is destroyed and one of the main factor for this dandruff or white snowfall on out shoulders beacuse of this confidence killer also known as dandruff people avoid to wear darker colors in public. So today we will get into detail of this hair disaster we will study what are these white flakes how they get in our heads how it is a confidence killer we will also study the medical aspects of the dandruff and the most important of all that we all want and really wish how to get rid of it from our hairs. Dandruff is not a contagious situation but it can be really embarrassing for some people in tis condition white flakes whose size may differ starts to a