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                       so before discussing the cause and the treatment of dry hairs we should understand what are dry hairs basically hairs are keratin protein strands and with each of the hair strand there is a oil gland or sebaceous gland present that is present at the base of the hair strand. Dry hairs is a conditions in which hairs don't store or retain enough moisture at a result of which they get dry of frizzy natural oil are secreted by the hairs or scale to keep it hydrated and this natural hydration in the form of oil give hair their elegancy proper styling protection and dry tangled hairs are more prone to breakage while washing you head or while coming your hairs there can be two aspects of this condition with your hairs or scalp is not producing enough moisture or the other reason is that the hairs are not retaining the produced moisture as it should supposed to do


some of the common causes of dry hairs are as following 
  • you are washing your hairs too often such that the function of shampoo is to strip away the extra oil from your hairs along with washing such that if you would excess of washing on daily basis than this would strip away moisture from your hairs more frequently as a result of which you will experience dry and brittle hairs
  • using low quality hair products such that the shampoo and conditioners that we usually use are not so great for hairs they have some components that are dangerous for hairs such as sulfates mineral oil dyes so we should go for shampoos that are sulphate free as sulphate damages the protein of hairs and disrupting the oil retaining property of hairs 
  • exposure to extreme heats such as from sunlight or the heat style products and there often use is also a culprit for dry hairs as heat have the tendency to strip away the oil from hairs leaving it dry and brittle  
  • another natural cause is the factor of hair such that as a person ages a lot of changes start to occur in the body it main be related to production of oils hormones such that as result of aging hairs starts to lose their property of retaining moisture and also the scalp starts to produce less and less of the good stuff that are the oils
  • one factor is also genetics such that some people by birth have dry brittle hairs 
  • one novel reason of dry hairs is dry scalp often associated with the white hair stuff that we all hate also known as dandruff such that dandruff is caused as a result of a fungal infection so the phenomena behind this is that when your scalp is overly dry our scalp tends to produce more is to compensate for this as where there sis oil the dandruff starts to grow and stripping more oil from the scalp leaning very dry scalp and same effect the hairs 
  • some external factors also play and important factor in this such as climate change chlorine is very harsh on hairs and the swimming pols that we all like have chlorine in its water similarly the water supply at our homes from which we wash our hairs are full of hair damaging chemicals such as fluorides chlorides and much more 
  • some time some medication conditions like hyperparathyroidism hypothyroidism can lead to dry hairs 
  • your dirt plays a very important role if your diets lacks vitamins minerals 
 Treatment of dry hairs
Most of the times dry hairs are associated with different environmental factors or factors related to diet your general life style and various other such factors that comes in our contact almost daily but it is also to be kept in mind that along with these environmental factors involved with the drying of hairs there are some of the medical conditions are also also associated with it so treating those conditions with cure the dry airs some of these medical conditions are as following 
  • menkes syndrome 
  • hypothyroidism 
  • eating disorders 
  • hyperparathyroidism 
so some of the common and very easy and affective treatments for the dry hairs are as following 
  • avoid washing your hairs too much with shampoo as the function of shampoo are to strip away all of the extra oil dirt as you shampoo too frequently it will strip away all of the essential oils of the hairs that will make them dry i will recommend that you should wash your hairs with shampoo every other day and you can give your hair a hydrating nourishing was everyday by using a quality hair conditioner as the function of shampoo are to strip away all of the oils the function of hair conditioner is somewhat opposite to that as it gives hydration to the hairs making them hydrated and supple.
  • another very important factor to be noted is that to used quality hair products like that of shampoo conditioner such that in low quality hair products there are many such dangerous chemicals that can destroy hair strands these chemicals are sulphate parabens dyes mineral oil try to get hair products that don't have these in them such that one example of these to show detrimental they are is that sulphate present in low quality shampoos possesses the ability to destroy the proteins of the hair strand and ultimately leading them to their dryness. 
  • avoiding direct contact with sun as sun have ultraviolent rays in them that have the ability to dry hair strands strip away the hydration from your hairs so contact with extreme sunlight for prolonged time can damage your hairs and well as your scalp ultimately leading to dry hairs 
  • avoid heating style elements on your hairs such as using hair dryers curlers flat irons as there styling products in short gives you benefits but they are very detrimental for your hair health in the long run as it they can strip away the moisture from hairs damaging the protein strands of the hair ultimately causing dryness of hair.
  • avoid harsh chemicals on your hairs like that of cheap hair dyes 
  • treat your hairs once in a week with some kind of quality hair oil mask or you can use some kind of leave in conditioners for that purpose and these will nourish and rehydrate your hair strands as well your scalp one thing is to be kept in mind health of hairs should not be viewed independently it should always be considered along with the health out the scalp a healthy scalp means that you would have healthy hairs 
  • drink enough water throughout the day in other to get you body proper hydration such that if your body would have proper amount of hydration so your hairs would also be properly hydrated
  • have a check and balance n your diet there are some key nutrients in your that are vitamins proteins etc. if they would be missing from your diet or you are not taking them in sufficient amount then they can cause trouble for hairs micronutrients such as vitamin d folate vitamin b-12 iron they are all very important for your hair health 
  • cut off split ends such that when a hair starts to split it is the end of that hair strands and more time would cause more damage that that with time that split will reach the shaft of your strand and ultimately causes the damage of the whole hair strand 



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