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Hairs are one of the main esthetics of the body a lot of people are very conscious about their hairs as we have discussed in the previous post about general anatomy of hairs stages of hair growth that you can visit at Hairs . So for many people their hairs is a very important aspect of their body their overall personality and also their confidence such that some people when they start to loss their hairs their life is affected in a lot of ways. There can be various causes as a result of which a person can use their hairs such that there are many conditions that are related with the hairs as well as the scale. Normally a person can lose around 50-100 hair stands per day and it is normal usually nothing to worry about but this is different from the hair loss that is to be concerned as a result of which there is receding hair line loss loss of hairs from your crown area or general thinning of hairs from the whole scalp. Sometimes hair loss may be temporary because of some stress you are going though or some environmental conditions or as a result of which that you are using such as you should not use shampoos that have sulfates in it because sulfates in shampoos damages proteins in your hairs so ou should always pick a quality shampoo and conditioner that should be sulfates free dyes dyes free and free from many dangerous chemicals. Sometimes the hair loss might br related to genetic factors. Not everyone have same kind of hairs such that some have curly have hair patterns texture scalp conditions. 

so before getting into the hair problems we should consider some factors some are internal some are external that contribute to the loss of hairs or problems with the hairs and there are as following 

  • Damage due to sun and many people would think how sun would cause hair damage and it is that sun have have UVA and UVB rays in the sun that causes damage to the hairs and it have the potential to cause the damage to the hair cuticle and also it can causes dry brittle strands of hairs also cause discoloration of hairs causes spilt hair ends  
  • Damage of heat commonly from everyday styling products that we are using on the daily basis such as hair dryers irons 
  • poor quality products that we are using on our hairs that are filled with ton of crap chemicals 
  • damage due to puling or tugging of hairs as it damage the hair from the root this factor is very common with females due to their certain styling factors one thing that should be remembered is that once a hair is lost but the follicle is not closed than the hair can be grown back from that follicle but once if the follicle is closed than there is no option left once a follicle closes it is gone forever 
  • One of very important factor that effect either thing of hairs of falling of hair that is dominant in males is because of the hormone testosterone such that testosterone when excess in the body is converted into and more potent form that id the dihydroxy testosterone DHT such that there is minute problem with this DHT and it is that the most favorable spot of there DHT in out body is out hair follicles especially on our scalp such that this DHT such to accumulate in out follicle and with respect to time there would be general thinning of hairs because of blocking of follicles because of DHT and if such conditions persist a time would come when the follicles would be completely filled with DHT and there would no place for the hair initially there would be thinning of hairs and after that there would be no hairs at those particular follicles such that for this conversion of testosterone into dihydroxy testosterone there is an enzyme involved that is known as 5 alpha reductase and most of the hair loss medicate diminishes this enzyme such that as result there would be very less to no conversion and ultimately no hijacking of follicles by DHT 
  • Another problem that is the main culprit of out hair loss is the water that we are washing out hair with such that there are mainly minerals and other substances in the water such as fluorides chloride sodium and other substances in our water that damages hair proteins and scalp as a result of which hair loss occurs so a fix to that problem is that we should use filter shower heads that would filter out dangerous hair enemies from water such as fluorides sodium chorine and many more 
  • environmental pollution 
  • One very interesting hair loss loss reason is split ends and many people would think how split ends causes damage to the hairs and the thing is that when a hair gets split from the tip so that the split wools travel ultimately or the root into the hair and when this would happen that stand would be ultimately destroyed and there would be no hope for that strand of hair so that is how hair splitting causes destruction od a particular strand of hair strand 
  • Another factor that damages the hairs is humidity as humidity have moisture in it and is causes breaking of the hydrogen bonds and causes the hairs to swell and it would cause frizzy damaged hairs 
  • dry hairs 
  • one novel reason of dry hairs is dry scalp often associated with the white hair stuff that we all hate also known as dandruff such that dandruff is caused as a result of a fungal infection so the phenomena behind this is that when your scale is overly dry our scalp tends to produce more is to compensate for this as where there sis oil the dandruff starts to grow and stripping more oil from the scalp leaning very dry scalp and same effect the hairs 
so we have disused some of the factors that effect the quality and aesthetic of out hairs let us study some of the common problems that are associated with our hairs and there are as following 

  • dry hairs 
  • frizzy hairs 
  • dandruff
  • greasy hairs 
  • spilt ends 
  • hair breakage 
  • premature greying 
  • dull hairs 
  • oily scalp
  • hair color damage 
  • heat damages hairs 
  • damages hair strand 
  • hair loss 
  • thinning of hairs 
  • lice 
each of these hair regarding issues would be disused in detail in the upcoming post independently 


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