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Dry hairs : introduction , causes , treatment -

  DRY HAIRS Introduction                         so before discussing the cause and the treatment of dry hairs we should understand what are dry hairs basically hairs are keratin protein strands and with each of the hair strand there is a oil gland or sebaceous gland present that is present at the base of the hair strand. Dry hairs is a conditions in which hairs don't store or retain enough moisture at a result of which they get dry of frizzy natural oil are secreted by the hairs or scale to keep it hydrated and this natural hydration in the form of oil give hair their elegancy proper styling protection and dry tangled hairs are more prone to breakage while washing you head or while coming your hairs there can be two aspects of this condition with your hairs or scalp is not producing enough moisture or the other reason is that the hairs are not retaining the produced moisture as it should supposed to do Causes  some of the common causes of dry hairs are as following  you are washin

Common Hair problems | -

H airs are one of the main esthetics of the body a lot of people are very conscious about their hairs as we have discussed in the previous post about general anatomy of hairs stages of hair growth that you can visit at  Hairs  . So for many people their hairs is a very important aspect of their body their overall personality and also their confidence such that some people when they start to loss their hairs their life is affected in a lot of ways. There can be various causes as a result of which a person can use their hairs such that there are many conditions that are related with the hairs as well as the scale. Normally a person can lose around 50-100 hair stands per day and it is normal usually nothing to worry about but this is different from the hair loss that is to be concerned as a result of which there is receding hair line loss loss of hairs from your crown area or general thinning of hairs from the whole scalp. Sometimes hair loss may be temporary because of some stress you ar