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Hairs are one of the most prominent features of body and different placed of body hairs have different role to play. Hairs play a variety of role in our life such as in fashion life hairstyles in males beards hairs also provide such as hairs on our skin lets say on forearms trap small insect dust from ultimately reaching our skin hairs are also involved in thermoregulation to some extent as it traps air is it that than acts a layer of insulator such as in case of skull hairs provide cushion of minor extend eyes are protected by eye lashes that protect eyes from exposures to extremely bright light or also from the dust also to some extend the forehead's sweat that can eventually go into eyes are blocked by the eyebrows also hairs in armpits prevents skin to skin friction while activities like running similar to those few examples hairs body a wide range of vital functions in the body that are important to us in various aspects. The main protein that is present in hairs is the keratin protein. Hairs are present through the body with some exceptional difference in males and females but the one thing that with respect to hairs is both similar in males and females is the both the genders don't have hairs on their thick skins such as on the palm of the hands similarly on the sole of the foots and the reason for this is that hairs grow from follicles and there are follicles present on the sole of the foot on on the palm of the hands therefore there are no growth off hairs from those places unless the person have some genetic condition or disorder and that would be very rare. So the pigment that is found in hairs is melanin and it is the melanin that gives color to the hairs as different people have different colored hairs that is basically based on genetics or can also be influenced by the environment in which you are living however the different hair pigmentation is because of two different types or varieties of melanin that are produced in the hair follicles and are then packed into granules that are ultimately than found in fibers    
  • brown color in hairs is majorly caused by pigment eumelanin
  • black color in hairs is caused majorly by pigment eumelanin
  • blonde hairs are caused by lower pigmentation in hairs 
  • grey hairs because of decreasing pigments 
  • red hairs because of pigment pheomelanin  
there are different types of hairs such as straight hairs curly hairs wavy hairs kniky hairs


by the 22 ND week of embryonic development the developing fetus have all of its follicles developed and once our hair follicles that are formed will go with us through our life time as we do not produce hair follicles any time after through out our life. In humans the process of hair shedding is random such that it can happen anytime any month of year or during any season but in case of some animals hair shedding is seasonal such that thy lose their hairs during a specific season.. Like any other cell of the body as they grow in a cycle similar our hairs also grow in a particular cycle and this cycle of hair growth have different stages in it. There is a particular range of age during which the growth of our hairs is maximum and it ranges from 15 to 30 due to various factors involved after which hairs gets thinned out as it is seen in most people most particular in males that after 30 or 40 they hair starts to thin out they lose density of their hairs it involves various factors. It is founded that our hairs grows almost 6 inches per year and this may differ in different people that have again depends upon various factors like their genetics their diet and nutrition their level of exercise or activity because physicals is the only things that throws the blood into the deepest ends deepest cells of the body and this blood is rich in nutrients and nutrients are the essential component for the growth of hairs so taking them is not the any thing but make them reach the far ends of the body where they normally don't reach normally up to the sufficient value is the main and uttermost important thing and physical workout is the only thing that make it happen. The growth of hairs are particularly effected by some of the nutrients a lot and if there is a deficiency of these nutrients in your body than it can cause serious hair related issues like hair fall split ends poor hair health and many more complication some of the nutrients that are essential for hair growth and maintenance are as following 
  • biotin 
  • omega 3 
  • omega 6 
  • zinc 
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin C 
  • iron
appearance wise hairs are also classified on the basis of their density and texture and there are several combination hair type of those. A lot of people are concerned about their hair loss that it might be a sign of balding but ever normal healthy person loses some strands of hairs on daily bases it is completely natural and a person usually loses around 100 - 150 hairs per day losing hair is not such a day thing as it can grow back again if the follicle is not closed dangerous condition is when the hair is lost and is follicle is completely blocks due to some reason or the follicle is no more alive that is the condition only when hair will not regrow from that particular follicle. If we consider hair as a hole then hair is dead the only section of it that is alive is its shaft also the follicle and it is composed of keratin protein and once again the quality of hairs depends upon your genetics nutrients physical activity how you take care of them. Stress is one of the main reason that is a culprit behind hair loss as stress induce various change in thr body at the hormonal level and that may inflicts negative effects on the body. Hairs are dead that's why it does not hurts during a haircut. Hairs or follicles also have oil glands with them that releases oil during the growth of hairs of after the have been grown these glands still releases oils that maintains hairs by providing them the essential oil of the hairs as they are very important for the nourishment health and looking quality of hairs. The growth of our hairs are in different stages and each of these stages have their own characteristic and each stage have its own distinctive time and this stages are as following 
  • anagen 
  • catagen
  • telogen

anagen phase
                     it is the phase of hair growth in which new hair fibers are produced in the papilla. In this phase new hair shafts are produced. This phase of hair growth usually lasts for 2 to 6 hours. This phase is easily recognizable phase of hair growth as in this there is a small protrusion on the scale it is very initial hair stand growing from the scalp. Androgenetic alopecia is a specific condition in which the anagen phase of hair growth becomes shorter and shorter as a result of which proper time is not provided to the hairs to grow properly in this stage as a result of the hair that will protrude in this stage would be very thin from the normal and as result of this there would be progressive thinning of the hairs as eventually this thinning will lead to the hair loss and withering away of the follicles. In this phase basically the shaft the hairs is produced. In this phase the growth of cells at the hair bulb is very rapid. In this phase of cell growth hair grow about 1 cm per 28 days. A thing is to noticed here and it is that hair growing ability of every person different some people can grow long hairs while some people can grow short hairs it is because of the fact that their growing hairs remains in anagen phase for how much it there hairs would remain on anagen phase for longer than their hairs would be longer as compared to the people whose hairs remain i anagen phase for shorter period of time then there actually hair would be shorter. Similarly this concept of hairs on the base of time thy stay in the anagen phase does not only effects the hairs of the head it also effects the hairs on the rest of the body every person have a different and unique hair pattern.     
catagen phase 
                       it is the next phase of hair growth following the anagen phase this phase is intermediate to the anagen phase the 1st phase and the telogen phase that is the last phase of hair growth. It is a very short stage it usually lasts for about 1-2 weeks. In this phase of hair growth the main activities that a follicles undergoes are such that follicles prepares itself to undergo the resting phase that is actually the next phase also the deeper portions of the follicle starts to collapse. In easy words we can say that with respect to hair growth it is a turn off phase phase in which a signal is generated that ends the active stage of hair growth and ultimately cutting individual strands of hair from the dividing cells and hence ultimately from the blood supply. In this phase the hair follicle shrinks and the rate at which the hair was growing slows down to a significant rate. At any given point of point depending upon the genetics and the hair pattern approximately only 5-10 percent hairs are only in this phase. The ultimate end of this stage is such that the hair is converted into a club hair after formation of club hairs the blood supply to the hairs gets cuts and ultimately it enters its last stage of development that is the telogen phase    

telogen phase 
                      it is the last stage of hair growth cycle it is also known as the resting phase of the hair it usually last for around 3 months. At a very random given moment of time only 10-15% of your hairs are in this phase because of the beauty of different hairs being at different phase at the same time gives this ability to the hairs as a result of which it shows random falling off such that the hairs that completes their cycles fell of at same time new hairs are being developed and also at the same time some of the hairs are in there transition state of growth. Telogen phase is the last phase of the hair cycle and once a hair stand have completed its cycle it means that its life is up and after that that particle hair would get detaches from the hair follicle and would ultimately fell off it is common noted that around 80-100 stands of hairs form out head fell off daily depending upon various factors these stands that fell off are those that had completed their cycles and now there life is up and now the old hair felled off the hair follicle would reset itself and the cycle would continue again for that follicle. Follicles continuous to produce hairs stand after stand when that follicles are open once the follicles gets closed off that follicles would become unfucntional and there would be no hair growth observed from that particle follicle and follicle do not grow or appear again during our life the particle follicles that we are gifted naturally during the time of out embryonic development will go with us till the last of us weather closed or open the thing is follicle production is a single time event. It is also noted that the telogen phase phase for your hairs or eyebrows eyelashes hairs of out legs and arms are significantly longer than for the hairs that re out our scalp and in this stage if our hair gets plucked out or fall we would observe hard white dry solid buildup at its root  


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