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what are hairs? different phases related to hair growth Medlepius

  HAIRS introduction H airs are one of the most prominent features of body and different placed of body hairs have different role to play. Hairs play a variety of role in our life such as in fashion life hairstyles in males beards hairs also provide such as hairs on our skin lets say on forearms trap small insect dust from ultimately reaching our skin hairs are also involved in thermoregulation to some extent as it traps air is it that than acts a layer of insulator such as in case of skull hairs provide cushion of minor extend eyes are protected by eye lashes that protect eyes from exposures to extremely bright light or also from the dust also to some extend the forehead's sweat that can eventually go into eyes are blocked by the eyebrows also hairs in armpits prevents skin to skin friction while activities like running similar to those few examples hairs body a wide range of vital functions in the body that are important to us in various aspects. The main protein that is present