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What is human digestive system and how it carries the process of digestion along hormones and enzymes involved in it.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Introduction F or any organism to work and carry out the life sustaining reactions it needs energy and the natural way through food enters in body gets converted into smaller particles and from where eventually through many biochemical reactions energy is extracted from the food in the digestive system. Such as if we discuss digestive system of humans than it is made up of several organs and other supporting organs. digestion is a very complex process. Digestive system is very well designed to convert all the food taken into simple nutrients that are eventually used for various process of the body. The digestive system primarily consist of the digestive or series of some main organs along with the supporting organs from where the food and liquids pass ultimately gets into the blood stream and waste material getting out of the body. Digestion is a very coordinated and a well regulated process. The digestive tract begins with mouth and ends at the anus. The proces