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what is Gall Bladder? function embryonic development and diseases related to gall bladder

GALL BLADDER Introduction D igestive system is a very complex system and it consist of various structure and for its proper working it also requires various material such as secretions and one of the most important secretion that is required by the digestive in order to work is bile and this bile is produced in liver and than after its formation it is stored temporally and concentrated in a special organ that goes by the name of gall bladder the site of action of this bile is human small intestine and this bile that is produced in the gall bladder goes to the small intestine through bile duct and small intestine receives this bile at the level of sphincter of oddi that is located few inches below the stomach and this bile goes into the duodenum section of the small intestine. Gall bladder is also connected with the liver through a duct that goes by the name of biliary tract. Gall bladder is a component of digestive system and the precursor from which the gall bladder develops