Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome related corona virus (SARS) history nature symptoms treatment precautions and preventive measures

There is a lot of misconception related to the corona virus. Some people actually thinks that it is a single virus but that is not the as we have also discussed in the previous article about corona virus that corona virus is a family of viruses that contains several different types of stains (and if you are interested in different stains of corona virus than you can visit Corona viruses are very old and have a long history with the man kind. These viruses are basically animals infection viruses that mainly infect animals that means major of its stains such as

infects animals but there are also some stains of this virus such as

like these there are total 7 stains of corona virus discovered till now that have the potency or ability to infect humans and among these 7 human corona viruses there is a specific virus that had a outbreak in 2003 and this outbreak occurred in Guangdong China and this strain was responsible for causing a particular syndrome that is known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS in short.

Severe respiratory syndrome is a condition that is caused by one of the seven stains that are discovered till now of the corona virus family. This corona virus stain that caused severe respiratory syndrome have a breakout it about 2002 - 2003 and it stayed for a fair amount of time but by the middle of 2004 it was gone and during this duration from 2002- 2004 at first this disease peaked out and than gradually to decline till a point was reached when it was over and during this whole during about or more than 8000 cases of persons suffering from this particular strain of corona virus were reported and among those about 8000 cases there was a death rate of about 9-10 % these whole facts and figures are on based on reported cases there can be more than 10000 or 12000 people suffering from it as there are many area where such facilitates are not available thing is that these are just figures but the ground reality is different. It is through that this disease started from or the ground zero for this disease was a costal province of China and this is Guangdong. This specific strain of corona virus got spread to various countries such as in Asia Europe America and many more. Considering the danger that corona virus poses on 5th October 2012 the federal select agent program published a final rule declaring severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus a select agent that means it has the potential to pose a severe threat to public health and safety. Like other human corona virus it is also highly contagious. Before discovery of human corona virus it was thought that this virus only affects animals and this is not a human virus but corona viruses that are involved in severe acute respiratory syndrome made it clear that corona virus can also infect humans and intailly it was thought the this particular stain was also transmitted from animals to humans. This virus like the rest of the corona viruses in severe acute respiratory syndrome causes problems in the upper respiratory system. Corona virus is also termed as the zoonotic diseases as these are those diseases that are transferred from animals to humans and Chinese horseshoe bat is through the main agent that is responsible for the transferring of the corona virus in humans that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome

Symptoms of severe respiratory syndrome
As it is a respiratory disorder therefore it is also confused with other respiratory diseases it is a highly contagious disease and also it is a virus that affects the upper respiratory tract and also the digestive system. The incubation period of this severe respiratory syndrome is about 3-7 days and this may vary in different people during the incubation period it is not that much contagious as when it is in its full bloom state some of the common symptoms of this disorder are as following one thing is to be considered at this point and it is that these are general symptoms and may varies from person to person 
  • high fever 
  • flue 
  • patients may develop pneumonia 
  • dry cough 
  • shortness of breath
  • chills 
  • shaking of the body 
  • lethargy 
  • headache 
  • muscle ache 
  • vomiting 
  • nausea
  • dizziness
as a result of this virus or disorder there is also a chance of single or multiple organ failure but it happens in severe cases such that there can be of liver heart lungs and other organs

How SARS is transmitted
 Not this stain of corona virus but all of the strains of corona virus that infect humans are contagious and it is more severe usually in old people as of their weaken immune system as it is a viral disease there is no medication for it so the one and only thing that protects out body from this virus is out immune system but some of the ways by which this virus is tramsiited from one person to other are 
  • using utensils of person suffering from it 
  • touching patient directly without preventive measures 
  • in case of outbreak going in closed places with a lot of people 
  • nasal droplets that are produced as a result of coughing sneezing or sometimes in talking 
  • touching contaminated objects 
  • close contact with infected person 

Test for detection of SARS
There are particular test that are used for the identification of this virus in the body that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome and these tests are as following 
  • chest x ray 
  • chest CT scan 
  • complete blood test
  • direct isolation of corona virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • arterial blood test 
  • antibody test for severe acute respiratory syndrome 
  • PCR  

Treatment of SARS
Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a viral disease there antibiotic is not effective in this case and of today there is no proper medication or vaccine for this disease there are just preventive measures or we can work on out immune system that is the only thing that fights it but there are some ways by which a persons suffering from SARS can be relived and these are 
  • mechanical ventilation as it is a respiratory disorder 
  • antiviral medications 
  • antipyretics to control fewer 

Prevention and Precaution for SARS
As it is a viral disease so there fore there are no proper treatments for this disorder and the only and only thing that prevents us or fights against this virus is our immune system we can also work on our immune system therefore such disease are more severe in older people because they have a weakened immune system but there are some of the precautions that we can follow to protect us from this virus and these are as following and one thing is to be noted at this point and it is that these are general measures 
  • proper hygiene
  • avoiding over touching 
  • avoiding closed spaces 
  • avoiding over crowded 
  • frequent hand-washing 
  • eating or touching face with unclean hands 
  • avoiding other people nasal droplets 
  • wearing gloves and face mask when in public 
  • disinfect surfaces 
  • avoid contact with other persons body fluids mainly infected persons 
these are just simple hygiene measure 


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