Novel corona virus 2019 (nCoV 2019) history nature symptoms treatment precautions and preventive measures

There is a lot of misconception related to a virus that is known as the corona virus. It is a common conception among people that all of the corona related diseases are caused a result of a single strain of corona virus but that is not the case. In fact corona viruses are a group of family that have a lot of different types or strains and each stain is responsible for a different kind of disorder and there is also a different that there are separate strains of corona virus that infect humans and animal such that there are separate types of corona virus. Corona viruses are responsible for causing zoonotic diseases and therefore they are also classified as zoonotic viruses such that zoonotic viruses or zoonotic diseases are those that are transferred from animals to humans and we also know that corona viruses have animal origin such that they were first discovered in animals and at that time it was thought that these viruses only infect animals and don't have the ability to infect humans but this hypotheses was proven wrong after the epidemic outbreak of corona strains that caused sever acute respiratory syndrome and after which different strains are being discovered that have the ability to infect humans. Till now there are seven strains of corona virus being discovered that have the ability and these are as following

  • human corona virus HKU1 
  • human corona virus NL63
  • novel virus Wuhan outbreak related corona virus 
  • human corona virus 229E
  • human corona virus OC43
  • corona virus strain related to middle east respiratory syndrome 
  • corona virus strain that is related to severe acute respiratory syndrome 
it is to be noted that these seven mentioned above strains of corona virus are the ones that infect humans where the corona virus strains that infect animals are different and they are as following

  • bovine corona virus 
  • swine acute diarrhea syndrome corona virus 
  • animal corona virus HKU2
  • canine corona virus 
  • infectious bronchitis virus 
  • rabbit enteric corona virus 
  • ferret enteric virus 
  • feline corona virus 
  • turkey corona virus 
  • porcine corona virus 
  • pantropic corona virus 
these are some of the strains of corona viruses that infect animals and directly don't have the ability to infect humans and the thing is that there seven strains of corona virus that have the ability to infect humans also grows or is present in the bodies of animals but they have the ability to be transmitted and causes disease in humans such as the other name of middle east respiratory syndrome is also known by the name of camel flu as it was though that it was first transmitted from camels to humans and as it is a highly contagious virus after it got into humans it got spread as a result of human interaction. So the strain of corona virus that we are going to discuses in this post is the novel virus or that is also Wuhan corona outbreak that happened in China

Generally people are less familiar with novel virus and mostly people know this virus by the name of corona virus that was involved in Wuhan corona outbreak. It is also one of the strains of the family of corona viruses and it is that stain that have the ability to infect humans or we can say that that it is a human corona virus stain. For the first time there was outbreak of this virus in 2019 and the ground zero from where it got separated is also one of the province of China like that in case of severe acute respiratory syndrome but the and this time ground zero was Wuhan rather than Guangdong  As this virus is a fairly new virus and got recently discovered so there is very less information about this virus available and the officially reported people by this virus after 3-4 months of its outbreak are about 7500 and this number is still increasing. As it is a virus and a very newly discovered virus therefore there is no cure or any sort of preventive measures and there is also a fear that it can take form of a global outbreak as people in other countries are also being diagnosed of this specific stain of corona virus in short it is also noted as nCoV where n stands for the novel where as the CoV stands for the corona virus. It is a stain of corona virus that appeared for the first time in humans it can also be some other stain of corona that might have evolved in the deadly stain. This stain of corona virus is very closely related to the stain of corona virus that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome it might be a possibility that this stain of corona virus is a evolved form of virus that caused outbreak in 2002 in China. It is also though through various testing that this novel corona virus is a beta corona virus. Like other stains of corona virus it consist of single stranded positive sense RNA genome that ranges from 26-32 kilo bases in length and as it is a zoonotic virus it is thought that it got to humans through bats and as we know that all of the stains of corona virus are highly contagious including this one therefore once it got transmitted from any certain animal after that as a result of human interaction it further progressed. We are about 3-4 months away from the initial outbreak of novel corona viruses and day by day it is getting more severe and is spreading at a very fast rate but people are working on it day and night to get it under control but the problem is that it is a very new stain and there is not a lot of information till now it may be a evolved stain from other stain of corona virus family such as SARS or it may be a entirely new stain that had not been in contact with humans till now.

Symptoms of nCoV 2019
As it is also a respiratory virus that mainly affects the upper respiratory tract and also digestive system therefore it is also confused with other respiratory problems. All of the stains of human corona virus are respiratory viruses and its a highly contagious viruses and can easily be transmitted from people contact. Generally the incubation period of this particular stain of corona virus is about 2-13 and this time varies according to the immunity of the patient such that to which extent a person's immune system can resist it. Its detection in the incubation period is not a easy thing as compared to its fully bloom state. As we also know that it is a highly contagious virus but  the rate at which it spreads is more in fully bloom state as compared to incubation period time. Till now there is not medication treatment or vaccine created for it the one and only thing that prevents and protects our body from this virus is our immune system and we can only work on our immune system to prevent from it or in worst case if someone got it so that person's body can resist it and fight against it. There are some symptoms that are associated with it but one thing is to be noted at this point and it is that these are general symptoms and may varies depending on the immune system of different people

  • severe pneumonia 
  • cough
  • fever
  • shortness of breath 
  • chills
  • vomiting 
  • sore throat 
  • nausea
  • dizziness 
  • diarrhea
  • lethargy 
  • headache 
  • myalgia 
  • need of ventilation support 
How nCoV 2019 is Transmitted
Like all of the other stains of the corona virus novel virus is also very contagious that can be easily transferred from human to human interaction. We also know that it is a zoonotic virus such that is was through that SARS is transmitted to humans through the civet similarly in case of MERS it was thought that it got spread initially through camels and it is thought that in case of novel virus culprit animal is bat. It can be some other animal for novel virus because there are various factors about this virus that we still don't know. It may started in the form such that firstly it got transmitted from some animal in humans and after that it got worse as a result of human interaction as at this point it is pretty much clear that all of the stains of corona virus are highly contagious and zoonotic. The only that protects us from this deadly virus is our immune system so in such case we can only work on our immune system and we can only do this by changing and improving our life style. However some of the common means of transmission of this virus are
  • by toughing random objects in case of an outbreak 
  • getting in-contact with patients without proper preventive measures 
  • through crowded closed spaces 
  • nasal droplets that are produced during sneezing coughing and talking 
  • using utensils of an infected person 
Test For The Detection Of nCoV 2019
There are some general test that are used for the detection of novel virus in the body but all of these tests have some of there limitations despite of this fact these test are 
  • complete blood test 
  • PCR
  • antibody test for novel virus 
  • chest CT scan 
  • chest x-ray 
  • direct isolation of novel virus from blood 
Treatment Of Novel Corona Virus
As we know that it is a viral disease so there are no chances of antibiotics here so our this option is ruled out from the start till now there is no medication no vaccine no treatment for this particular stain of corona virus or any other stain of human corona virus the one and only thing that protects out body protects us from this deadly virus is out immune system and in to prevent and protect our-self we can only work on out immune system and we can only do this by improving out life style. However some of the general medications that we can give to patient suffering from it to relieve the patient to some extent are as following
  • ventilatory support as it a respiratory virus that affects respiratory tract 
  • antipyretics to reduce fewer 
  • anti viral medication 
 Prevention And Precautions For nCoV 2019
The one and only thing that protects and prevents us from this deadly virus is our immune system and it is more severe in old people or young ones because they have a weak immune system and mostly the patients that died from corona virus were old having weak immune system. Prevention and precautions for nCoV 2019 are just general hygiene measures such as 
  • avoid over touching of things 
  • avoid crowded places 
  • avoid nasal droplets from other people
  • wearing gloves and face mask in public 
  • cleaning hands before eating 
  • frequent hand washing 
  • avoiding contact with other people body fluids 


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