Middle East Respiratory Syndrome related corona virus (MERS-CoV) history nature symptoms treatment precuatins and preventive meaasures

There are different stains or types of corona virus that can cause different complications in both animals and as well as in humans. As we know that corona virus related diseases are basically of animal organs and are mostly transferred from animals to human therefore diseases caused by corona virus are also know by the name of zoonotic diseases and these are such diseases that are tramsiited from animals to humans. There is a misconception that there is only one type of corona virus that is responsible for all the disorders in humans as well in humans but that is not the case as there are different viruses different stains of corona belonging to a same family and are collectively called as corona viruses. There are specific corona viruses stains or types that have the ability to infect animals such as

there was a time when it was thought that this virus is only for animal and don't have the ability to infect humans but with the discovery of specific stains it was revealed that there are also some stains that have the ability to infect humans and till now there are seven stains of corona virus known to mankind that have the ability or potency to infect humans and the stain of corona virus that we are going to discuss is one of those stains that have the ability to infect humans and which had created a lot of mess in the past. So the stains that have the ability to infect humans are as following

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus MERS-CoV
Middle east respiratory syndrome is also known as the camel flu. MERS is also caused by one of the strains of the corona virus like severe acute respiratory virus. Like the rest of the stains of corona virus stains it is virus that affects the respiratory tract as it is a respiratory virus. For the first time there was a outbreak of middle east respiratory syndrome corona virus in 2012 and the ground zero for this disorder was Saudi Arabia. As we know that corona virus is a zoonotic virus such that it is transmitted from animals to humans and therefore middle east respiratory syndrome related corona virus is also known as the camel flu as it is thought to be transmitted to humans through camels.The first related to MERS-CoV was reported in Jordan in 2012 and it also believed that from there this virus was transmitted to the major sections of the middle east that may have occurred as a result of travelling such that it is believed that first this virus transmitted from animals to humans and we know that it is a contagious virus that it started to spread from one human to other. Related to middle east respiratory syndrome about total of around 2000 cases were reported there can be many more than that despite of the fact that there was total reported case of about 8000 but there was a death rate of 10% but same is not the case with this middle east respiratory syndrome virus such that in case of MERS-CoV that death rate was about 37% and it was such a severe condition that out of 10 about 3- 4 patients diagnosed with MERS-CoV died and by 30 October 2013 in Saudi Arabia there were 124 cases reported and there were total 52 deaths. As it is a respiratory virus so it infects respiratory tract especially upper respiratory tract. Middle east corona virus belongs to the genus of beta-corona virus and it is a single stranded RNA. This virus grows readily on Vero cells and LLC-MK2 cells . 

Symptoms Of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
As it is a respiratory virus therefore it is confused with other respiratory diseases. This virus in humans mainly infects upper respiratory tract and it is a highly contagious virus. Generally this virus have a incubation period of 2-13 days but is can vary in different people and it is not that contiguous in incubation period as compared to its full bloom state and it is very difficult to be diagnosed under normal conditions in the incubation period. Till now there is no preventive measures or any sort of medications for it and the only thing that fights this virus is out immune system and people with a weak immune system tends to have more problems and severe conditions and symptoms. The general symptoms of this disorder are as following but one  thing is be considered at this point and it is that these are general symptoms and they have vary from person to person 
  • shortness of breath 
  • cough 
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • chills 
  • lethargy 
  • headache
  • dry cough 
  • sore throat 
  • vomiting 
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • myalgia 
  • need of ventilation support 
  • severe pneumonia 
it can also lead to serious complications in the body such as organ failure as a result of it in the body there may be 
  • kidney damage 
  • pericarditis 
  • disseminated intravascular coagulation 

How MERS-CoV Is Transmitted
Like the rest of the corona viruses it is also a highly contagious virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans and also from humans to humans. As it also a zoonotic virus and also a highly contagious one. In case of middle east respiratory syndrome it was thought it was first transmitted from camels to humans and that from humans to humans and a result of their interaction. Till now there is no preventive measure or proper medication for it and the only thing that protects us from this virus is our immune system so to protect our-self we can only work on our immune and we can do this by improving our life style. Some of the common means of transmission of this virus are 
  • through crowded closed places 
  • by touching random objects in case of an outbreak 
  • using utensils of a infected person 
  • nasal droplets produced during sneezing coughing and talking 
  • touching patients directly without any preventive measures 

Test For The Detection of MERS
 There are some general that are used fro the detection of MERS but these are not very accurate test and all of these test have some sort of limitations so these are some of the test 
  • complete blood test 
  • PCR 
  • antibody test for middle east respiratory syndrome corona virus 
  • arterial blood test 
  • chest x ray 
  • chest CT scan 
  • direct isolation of virus from blood 

Treatment Of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
As it is a viral disease so antibiotics are useless in this case and till how there is not a single medication or any sort of vaccine for it we can only reduces the symptoms that can help the patients but there is no particular medication for this virus the only thing that fights against this virus is out body's own immune system despite that the general medications that we give in such conditions are as following 
  • ventilatory support as it is a respiratory virus 
  • antipyretics to reduce fewer 
  • anti viral medications

   Prevention and Precautions For MERS
The only thing that can protect any prevent us from it is our immune system therefore conditions may be severe in older people as they have weal immune system. Prevention and precautions for MERS are just general hygiene measures such as 
  • avoiding over touching of things 
  • Avoiding crowded places 
  • avoiding nasal droplets from other persons 
  • wearing gloves and face mask in public places 
  • eating or touching face with unclean hands 
  • frequent hand washing 
  • disinfecting surfaces 
  • avoiding contact with other people body fluids 


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