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what is biological organization? and 12 levels of biological organization

BIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATION INTRODUCTION                                biological organization is the hierarchy of complex biological structures and system that defines life using a reproductive approach in order to understand the various phenomena of life we use and study biological organization at different levels from the very basic of subatomic and atomic level to the organism itself and beyond with the study of community ecosystem and levels such as biosphere each level in the hierarchy of biological organization represents increase in complexity of organism from its previous level in biological organization objects or things at each level of biological organization is primarily composed of previous level's basic unit  IMPORTANCE                           the knowledge of biological organization have its importance in the fields of scientific research especially in the field of medical sciences such as in medical sciences without proper knowledge and application of

what is human respiratory system? air passage way and disease revealed to air passage way

  RESPIRATION respiration is a physical process of gaseous exchange between the organism and its environment also known as breathing or ventilation inhaled air have more amount of oxygen and less amount of carbon dioxide whereas the exhaled air have more amount of carbon dioxide and very less amount of oxygen                   important point here is that respiration is not to be confused with cellular respiration because of following reasons  as simple respiration is defined as exchange of respiratory gaseous between the organism and its environment where as cellular respiration is defined as a process by which cells of a living organism utilizes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide extracts energy from this process and conserve this energy for later use and store it in biological useful forms such as ATP the second main difference between respiration and cellular respiration is that respiration is a physical  process whereas cellular respiration is a chemical and biochemical