biolgyand service of mankind

hope well thanks for your great support in the previous segment of this blog so in this segment of the blog i would like to talk about biology and its service to mankind such as in production of food variety production protection of plants and animals from different kind of diseases food preservation such as many important process known as the pasteurization disease control cloning environment protection and the thing if you want to know anything related to biology so please let me know down in the comment section and please follow my blog by clicking on the follow button below my picture left side to show your great support so
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the science of biology has been helping mankind in many of the ways such as the 
*in increasing food production
*in combating disease 
*in protection and conservation environment
role in food production 
biology has played a tremendous role in the food production by 
*production of different variety 
*protection of plants from disease 
*biological control by bio-pesticides
production of different varieties
*improving existing varieties and developing new high yield and disease resistance varieties of plants and of animals have increased our food different methods which have been adopted in context are as under
*plants and animal breeders have developed through the selective breeding using the principles of genetics new better varieties of food wheat rice corn chicken cow sheep and many more poultry breeder have developed broilers for getting quick and cheep meat 
*genes of disease resistant and other of the desirable characters are introduced into plants by using the technique of genetic engineering plants having foreign DNA incorporated into their cells are known as the transgenic plants
*transgenic plants can be propagated by the means of cloning using special techniques such as the tissue culture technique
protection of plants from disease 
integrated disease Management
effective control of particular disastrous disease or some of the common disease by appropriate methods is known as the integrated disease management
use of chemical pest  
plant pathogenic fungi and insects pests of crops which weaken the plant and reduces the yield had the traditional been controlled by using chemical fungicides and insecticides pesticides some of the disadvantages of using chemical pesticides are
*use of these chemicals poses toxicity problems for human beings as well a the environmental  pollutants 
*there are chances of insects becoming resistance to the effect of these chemicals 
biological control 
biological control by the use of pesticides such that control of disease by some of the living organism is known as the biological control it eliminates all kinds of the hazards of chemical pesticides in the biological control pest are destroyed by using some of the living organisms that compete them or even eat them 
*such that an aphid that attacks walnut trees is being controlled by biologically prepared wasps that parasites this aphid such that some of the bacteria are being used as the bio pesticides 
hydroponic culture technique
such that soil is a complex medium that contains required nutrients for the plant growth it is impossible to conduct experiments on nutrient requirement of the plant by growing them in the soil 
such a technique by which mineral requirement of plants can be found is known as the hydroponic culture technique 
such that for now it is not feasible on earth but astronauts use it to grow vegetables 
food preservation 
different teniques of the food preservation have been developed for protecting found from the spoilage and for its use and transport over long distances without damaging its quality one of these is known as the food pasteurization developed by the Louis Pasteur                    


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