Man and his enviornment (ecology)

hope well thanks for your great support in the previous segments of this blog so in this segment of the blog i would like to talk about man and and his environment relation of man with his environment his environment environmental resources renewable re-souses non renewable re-souses and their examples and the thing if you want to know anything related to biology so please let me know in the comment section so
            LETS START
humans like some other species of this earth is a part of earth environment
human lifestyle with age 
*at the start of the human civilization all of humans were predators and had low population at that time they mainly function as hunters and herbivorous 
*some thousand years ago with the development of agriculture human population along with the conversion of land for agriculture increased rapidly
*with the industrialization whole human civilization changed human interaction with the globe changed but the need for the energy for these industries created many of the problems 
*such that environment is a source of treasure of natural resources for all organisms such that it directly or indirectly provides everything for the survival of humans on earth
environmental re-souses
those primary souses that are needed for the survival of organisms on earth are know as the environmental resources they are of two types such that they are 
*renewable sources
*non renewable sources 
renewable sources 
such type of natural sources that can be used again and again and natural has a way to make them reusable are known as the renewable sources such as 
*they are never depleted 
*they can be used again and again
example of renewable sources are air soil water wild life solar energy energy from wind thermal energy 
in nature there is no such things as waste as 
dead material decay and become food for other living things 
this food is consumed or decay and become food again 
nutrient cycle 
the process through which food is prepared for living organism through different consumption and decays is known as the nutrient cycle AS
*earth is a self sustained unit 
*all the food belongs to these cycles 
*these cycles have no ends and start 
*the main source of energy behind these cycles is sun 
*such that disturbance is created in these cycles when 
too much food is consumed 
less food is produced
decayed nutrients are not supplied back to the earth 
it is a several kilometers thick layer of air that surrounds the earth it is a very important natural source for all organisms living on earth
its used to generate electricity through windmills 
it is renewable resource
it is made up of 
*nitrogen 79% 
*oxygen 20%
carbon dioxide 0.03%
and traces of inert gases that are also known as the noble gases 
such that oxygen is used in respiration 
oxygen nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used as a raw material for many important cycles that provide food to the living organisms 
with the formation if industries and automobiles the concentration of several gases that are not needed increases very rapidly such as carbon monoxide oxides of sulpher and carbon that are very dangerous to human health and are polluting earth environment such that carbon mono oxide reacts with hemoglobin more rapidly that oxygen and destroy its oxygen carrying capacity  
*about 70% of our earth is made up of water 
*it is also an important component of air and soil
*the body of an organism is majorly made up of water about 70 to90% of its weight 
*about 97% of total earth water is in the form of oceans 2% water is frozen such as polar caps and only1% fresh water in the form of lakes rivers and ponds 
*it is a also a renewable source of energy 
it is being used for two purposes that are
*domestic/industrial use =10% 
*agriculture use =90%
water is of great importance as  
*it is used for the formation of many important things such as in drinks detergents and in many more things 
*it is also used as a raw material in photosynthesis 
*it is used for many important process known as the hydrolysis 
* all the enzymes also works in aqueous environment
*we obtain many important things from water such as sodium chloride which is also know as the table salt also sodium hydroxide and chlorine and many other important things
* all of the industries produces many waste that are very harmful for both marine animals and for humans
*these pollutant disturbs the natural purification  of water by living organisms
*this is very harmful for aquatic life
*about 30% of the earth is land 
*soil is defined as the uppermost layer of the earth crust 
it is made up of 
*soil water
*soil air 
*soil particles 
*inorganic and organic material 
*soil organisms 
*many land plants gets anchored from the soil 
*it provides all the necessary nutrients for the plant growth 
*human also lives on land and with the increase in number of humans more land is needed to accommodate humans 
*about 11% of the total earth is under agriculture
*soil is deprived of its nutrients because of vigorous crop production
*soil can also be abused in many ways such as soil erosion poor crop production 
extensive gazing and leeching 
wildlife is defined as any plant that grows on its own or any non domestic animal  
wildlife is a non renewable resource 
*game animals and plants are a sorce of food for humans 
*they also play a important role in food chains such that if there balance is disturbed than it would be very difficult to maintain it    
fossil fuels 
during the last decades we have faced energy depletion because we are getting low on fossil fuel they include oil coal gas 
they are known as the fossil fuels as they are formed by the remains of dead organism in deep layers of earth 
it is also a non renewable source of energy 


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