discovery of virus

hope well thanks for your support in the previous segments of this blog so in this segment of the blog i would like to talk about about the discovery of virus but before talking about the discovery of virus first lets about virus and the branch of biology that deals with the study of virus and the last thing if you want to know about anything related to biology so please let me know in comment section i would talk about it with every bit of knowledge SO
                                LETS START
            virus is defined as a non cellular organism that is made up of genetic material that may be DNA OR RNA and a protein coat that is also known as the capsid they only reproduces within their host by using the bio-synthetic machinery of the host because they don't have bio-synthetic machinery of their own
the word virus is derived from a Latin word vemone meaning poisons fluid 
it is defines as the branch of biology that deals with the study of viruses such as their life histories their modes of nutrition their interaction with their host and all the things related to viruses 
they were observed by different people at different times so i would talk about most of them so lets start
early concept
 at the time of Robert Koch and Louise Pasteur all the organisms that are related to disease causing and death were known as the virus and at that time they were not studied structurally because at that time they were not crystallized they were first studied in 1935 by Stanly who was successfully able to crystallize virus 
working of Edward Jenner
  Edward Jenner was the first to create vaccine of disease known as small pox which is viral disease and is caused by a DNA enveloped virus known as the pox virus he treated a lot of people from small pox at that time but he dont know that how this all thing works he extracted cow pox lesion from the hands of a milkmaid and injected it in a boy called as James Phillips after six weeks to entering cow pox lesion in the box he was than inoculated with small pox virus but is did not get the disuses and got immunity from small pox by injecting cow pox lesion he called this technique as vaccination and the substance that s used to create immunity is know as the vaccine
working of Charles chamber-land
one of the associates of Louis Pasteur said that virus are those particles that are able to pass through porcelain filter-paper while other diseases causing organisms such as bacteria would not able to pass through porcelain filter paper he also said that the agent responsible for rabies is also filter able so he said that rabies is also caused from a virus so at that time all the agents that was disease causing and was able to pass through a porcelain filter paper were known as virus
working of ivanovski
in 1892 ivanovski  found out that the organism that are responsible for  the tobacco mosaic disease were also filterable he obtained fresh sample of the virus from a infected plant grounded it up and placed it onto a healthy plant and it gets infected 
working of twork and D^herlle
  in 1915 and 1917 twort and d^ herlle found out out bacteriophage in 1915 twork found out that sometimes the bacterial colonies sometimes gets lysis and gets destroy and that effect can be transfer to other bacterial colonies and ca not be can celled by dilution again d herlle in 1917 studied it and called them as the bacteriophage or bacteria eater 
working of Stanly
Stanly in 1935 was the first to crystallize a virus that was known as the tobacco disease virus and at that time the virus was studied structurally and we came to know about it that virus is made up of genetic material and protein coat 
present concept
the present studies prove that virus is simply composed up of genetic material and a protein coat 
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