cell membrane

hope well thanks for your great support in the previous segments of this blog so in this segment of the blog i would like to talk about cell membrane such that is definition composition different models to classify it its function and the thing please ask anything related to biology in the comment section and i would write on it with easy bit of my knowledge so
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cell membrane 
*cell membrane is also known as the plasma membrane or cytoplasmic membrane 
*it is the outermost membrane in animal cells
*it is inner to cell wall in plants cell
*it is a thin and delicate membrane 
*it is self replication and it can repair itself on its own 
*it is made up of lipids protein and some amount of carbohydrates 
cell membrane is made up of lipids proteins and a little amount of carbohydrates such that their composition is as following
lipids=20to40% and 
carbohydrates are present in small quantities 
at various times it is classified by different scientist at different times is different way the most popular models regarding this are
*lipids bi-layer model  
*fluid mosaic model
lipid bi-layer model 
according to this model the lipid bi-layer is being sandwiched by protein layers
it is formed through a process known as the self assembly
the interaction between the two layers can be noncovalent that is Van Der Waals forces or hydrogen bond 
according to this model it has two parts that is hydrophobic tail and hydrophilic head 
fluid mosaic model
according to this model the lipid bi-layer is not continuously sandwiched by protein layers in stead proteins is present in the lipid bi-layer in a mosaic manner that is why it is know as the fluid mosaic model and it is more acceptable that lipid bi-layer model 
   functions of cell membrane 
it has a variety of functions such that most of them are described below so
mechanical support
it provides support to the protoplasm of the cell
external support
it provides external support to the cell 
movement of material 
such that it is also responsible for the movement of things through the cell and that it is semi permeable allowing somethings to pass through it and not allowing most of the things through it
such as small molecules can pass through it very easily
molecules that are lipids soluble can pass through it very easily
molecules that are neutral can pass through it very easily 
such that large charged lipid insoluble particles finds a difficulty passing through it

it is defined as the intake of food material inside the body in the form of membranes it is of two type 
phagocytosis it is defined as the intake of solid material
pinocytosis it is defined as the intake of liquid material 
active transport
somethings that enter into the cell that are not needed inside the cell are excreted out of the cells by the use of ATP is known as the active transport 
such that it is cell membrane is also involved in conduction of impulse such as nerve impulse pass through it fro one membrane to other membrane 
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