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Generally we can say that is a scientific method or approach in which biological problems are solved or we can describe it as like other sciences it is a symmetrical knowledge that also have set of rules for any type of discovery such that is any person want to tell us about something want to study about something than he have to follow some of the rules some of the rules that are meant to be considered in biology are as following

  • observation 
  • data
  • hypothesis  
  • testing
  • theory
  • law

The first thing for a person in biology is make any discovery is observations that every thing begins with observation observations are made with five of our senses that are 

  • hearing
  • taste
  • smell 
  • touch
  • sense 

according to people there are many other sense through observations can be made but major of them are mentioned above
so lets talk about is type they are of two types that are

  • qualitative observations 
  • quantitative observation

quantitative observations are more accurate than the qualitative ones because they can be recorded in term of numbers as in one sentence we boiling point of water is much hotter than its freezing point but much degree as it can be described as boiling point of water is 100 degrees centigrade and the freezing point of water is zero degree Centigrade so it is easy to record and understand some in term of digits so in this way quantitative observations are more better than the qualitative ones 

The next step in biological method is data collection and data is defined as any type data collected information that may be in the type of tables graphs pics digits

 The next step after a data is formulating a hypothesis such that it is a way through which you tell people about your work basically it is defined as
the observer organizes his or her data in the form pf a general statement as per experience this is also the tentative explanation of the observations

 It can be calculated by various method such as by reasoning they can be of two type such that they may inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning 
such that the type of reasoning in which we moves from a general principle to a specific principle by using if and then logic than it is know as deductive reasoning such that is we accept that all birds have wing and sparrows are also birds than they should also have wings such that another example of it is that if plants need sunlight for photosynthesis than any green plant placed in dark would not able to synthesis glucose that is the end product of photosynthesis
such that other type of reasoning is inductive reasoning in this we movie from a specific Principle to general principle such that if accept that sparrows have birds and have wings than eagle pigeons cows that are also birds should have wings 
Along with these main methods of formulating a hypotheses there are some other methods of formulating a hypotheses such they are 

  • imagination
  • preferences 
  • physiological or religious ideas 
  • comparison of one biological process with other 
  • founding one thing while looking for something else 

Than after the formulation of hypotheses comes the theory in biological method such that the formulated hypotheses is subjected to vigorous testing if a hypotheses survives such period of time and is supported by a great deal of evidence than it becomes a theory a good theory is a predictive one that formulated further hypothesis  
 The last step of a biological method is law such that if a theory is being tested ever being falsified than it becomes a theory such that their is very less amount of laws in biology because for law the fact has to be constant and nothing is constant because life is change and evolving every single moment  
Examples of law  
                           some of the famous laws discussed in biology are as following 

  • Mendel law of inheritance
  • hardy Weinberg law 


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