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S leep is one of the most important thing a person needs and a proper night's sleep has a very major and drastic impact on our day our productivity our energy levels our mood our overall performance so sleep is a very crucial activity of our life and on average a person should at least sleep 7-8 hours on daily bases  sleeping time less than as well as more than 7-8 hours per day is perilous for health if the same habit is kept on for a very long time researches have shown that people that have poor sleep cycles or are having little or extra sleep in them various conditions occurs such as decreased brain function fluctuation in the level of hormones increased risk of weight gain as well as increased risk of cardiovascular disorders if you observe sleeping habits of people so you would clearly observe that with time sleeping habits of people especially teenagers have gotten so much worse and also waiting on the bed to get asleep and not sleepy at all is also very terrible situation t

5 effective remedies to get rid of dandruff aka white flake curse |

  DANDRUFF D andruff is one of the worst enemy of a person as it is a major confidence killer and it also kind of destroys the esthetic appeal of a persons hairs and in cases of some people it is like apparent snow flakes on the head which is a kind of awkward situation in public but as we have discussed in the previous article what actually dandruff is and how people conceive it wrong and how by simple change in life style we can cure dandruff and for good get rid of this curse so for the treatment of dandruff there are two levels of treatment for the dandruff one is the superficial level and the other one is treating the problem from the root we would discuss both of the best methods but if you wanted this curse gone for good you have to focus mainly on solving the problem from the root.  1: Getting Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils out from life                                    so before taking into account how these hydrogenated vegetable oils are involved in curse that we know a

Dandruff - what is dandruff? what causes dandruff and how dandruff can be treated -

  DANDRUFF Introduction Hairs are one of the most esthetic features of our body that we all love whether its a female or a male and especially if we talk about hairs on our head hairs also acts as a confidence booster and can be a attractive trait to the other people in some cases but the problem arises when the esthetic of our beloved hairs is destroyed and one of the main factor for this dandruff or white snowfall on out shoulders beacuse of this confidence killer also known as dandruff people avoid to wear darker colors in public. So today we will get into detail of this hair disaster we will study what are these white flakes how they get in our heads how it is a confidence killer we will also study the medical aspects of the dandruff and the most important of all that we all want and really wish how to get rid of it from our hairs. Dandruff is not a contagious situation but it can be really embarrassing for some people in tis condition white flakes whose size may differ starts to a

Dry hairs : introduction , causes , treatment -

  DRY HAIRS Introduction                         so before discussing the cause and the treatment of dry hairs we should understand what are dry hairs basically hairs are keratin protein strands and with each of the hair strand there is a oil gland or sebaceous gland present that is present at the base of the hair strand. Dry hairs is a conditions in which hairs don't store or retain enough moisture at a result of which they get dry of frizzy natural oil are secreted by the hairs or scale to keep it hydrated and this natural hydration in the form of oil give hair their elegancy proper styling protection and dry tangled hairs are more prone to breakage while washing you head or while coming your hairs there can be two aspects of this condition with your hairs or scalp is not producing enough moisture or the other reason is that the hairs are not retaining the produced moisture as it should supposed to do Causes  some of the common causes of dry hairs are as following  you are washin

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H airs are one of the main esthetics of the body a lot of people are very conscious about their hairs as we have discussed in the previous post about general anatomy of hairs stages of hair growth that you can visit at  Hairs  . So for many people their hairs is a very important aspect of their body their overall personality and also their confidence such that some people when they start to loss their hairs their life is affected in a lot of ways. There can be various causes as a result of which a person can use their hairs such that there are many conditions that are related with the hairs as well as the scale. Normally a person can lose around 50-100 hair stands per day and it is normal usually nothing to worry about but this is different from the hair loss that is to be concerned as a result of which there is receding hair line loss loss of hairs from your crown area or general thinning of hairs from the whole scalp. Sometimes hair loss may be temporary because of some stress you ar

what are hairs? different phases related to hair growth Medlepius

  HAIRS introduction H airs are one of the most prominent features of body and different placed of body hairs have different role to play. Hairs play a variety of role in our life such as in fashion life hairstyles in males beards hairs also provide such as hairs on our skin lets say on forearms trap small insect dust from ultimately reaching our skin hairs are also involved in thermoregulation to some extent as it traps air is it that than acts a layer of insulator such as in case of skull hairs provide cushion of minor extend eyes are protected by eye lashes that protect eyes from exposures to extremely bright light or also from the dust also to some extend the forehead's sweat that can eventually go into eyes are blocked by the eyebrows also hairs in armpits prevents skin to skin friction while activities like running similar to those few examples hairs body a wide range of vital functions in the body that are important to us in various aspects. The main protein that is present 

What is human digestive system and how it carries the process of digestion along hormones and enzymes involved in it.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Introduction F or any organism to work and carry out the life sustaining reactions it needs energy and the natural way through food enters in body gets converted into smaller particles and from where eventually through many biochemical reactions energy is extracted from the food in the digestive system. Such as if we discuss digestive system of humans than it is made up of several organs and other supporting organs. digestion is a very complex process. Digestive system is very well designed to convert all the food taken into simple nutrients that are eventually used for various process of the body. The digestive system primarily consist of the digestive or series of some main organs along with the supporting organs from where the food and liquids pass ultimately gets into the blood stream and waste material getting out of the body. Digestion is a very coordinated and a well regulated process. The digestive tract begins with mouth and ends at the anus. The proces